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25.08.2009- Romeo and Juliet part deux

Second trip to see Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare's Globe, 23.08.2009, 6:30pm.

When I first went to see Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare's Globe, I must confess I found the production disappointing, as my initial review here demonstrates. However, after seeing the final performance of the pr…

17.08.2009-Fashion Moment: Flapper Style

13.08.09- You make my dreams come true...


...just brought the biggest smile to my face. I can't wait to see (500) Days of Summer when it's finally released over here at the end of the month.

(Clip courtesy of Youtube.)

13.08.09-Autumn Approaches...

11.08.09- Phèdre

Phèdre, The National Theatre, 09.08.2009, 3pm.

The National Theatre's much anticipated production of Jean Racine's tragedy Phèdre (in a version translated by Ted Hughes) more than lives up to expectation. Starring Oscar-winner Helen Mirren as Phèdre, queen consort to Theseus (Stanley Townse…

08.08.09- 'New York, I Love You'

'New York, I Love You' Trailer:

A love letter to The Big Apple from the people who brough us 'Paris, Je T'aime'.

(Trailer courtesy of Vivendi Entertainment and Youtube.)

04.08.2009- Regina Spektor, 'Laughing With'

(Video courtesy of Youtube.)

04.08.2009- Film Review: Man On Wire

'Man On Wire' is an award winning documentary which tells the audacious story of Philippe Petit's daredevil wire walk between the North and South towers of the World Trade Center complex in New York City. As well as charting the build up to the walk, the documentary illuminates Petit…

03.08.2009-Fashion Moment: The Red Shoes

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