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25.08.2009- Romeo and Juliet part deux

Second trip to see Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare's Globe, 23.08.2009, 6:30pm.

When I first went to see Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare's Globe, I must confess I found the production disappointing, as my initial review here demonstrates. However, after seeing the final performance of the production on Sunday, I have to say I found it much more enjoyable and engaging a second time around. The actors seemed to have settled into their roles and far from being overwhelmed, they seemed to relish in their final performance. I always try and make a point of going to the Globe to see the last night of a performance, and last year even the rain that pelted the groundlings (myself included) failed to quell the energetic atmosphere that arises from enjoying Shakespeare as the sun sets on Bankside. Thoroughly enjoyable, and I now find myself regretting that the production has come to an end!

(Photo credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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