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11.12.2009- My black eye casts no shadow.

Hello! I can only apologise for the lack of updates recently, assessments and rehearsals galore at university have completely taken over my life, but today was the last day of term so I'm free now until January! Last week I had a lovely birthday with my gorgeous best friends and family and enjoyed a trip to London Zoo, central London for some shopping and copious amounts of cake. Will hopefully post some photos up here in a little while or over the weekend. At the moment I'm just taking time to enjoy not having to worry about deadlines, line learning or reading for class and am so much looking forward to Christmas, catching up with my beautiful friends who are returning home for the holidays and seeing Matthew Bourne's production of Swan Lake at Sadler's Wells in a little over a week. Currently listening to Florence and the Machine on repeat, Lungs has got to be one of the best albums of the year, I just adore it.

More updates to come soon, promise!

(Image credit: Numéro, Shalom Harlow by Sanchez and Mongiello, fashiongonerogue. Please note that the editorial does contain nudity.)


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