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03.02.2010- Ray of Sunshine.

Trudging my way up Oxford Street in the freezing cold and rain yesterday afternoon, I was longing for a peek, however fleeting, of sunshine. Alas, the weather stayed miserable and is still just as gloomy today, but as I stopped outside Topshop, I was momentarily transported to the height of summer, thanks to their beautiful window display:

Each of the mannequins has hand painted faces, and are dressed in some of Topshop's prettiest pieces from the 'Meadow' collection. So lovely after such a snow filled, freezing winter to see a burst of colour on the high street.

(Image credit: TOPSHOP INSIDE-OUT.)


  1. so so so gorgeous!

    lovelove, M.

  2. Beautiful! I would trade you California's warm weather for Topshop any day!

  3. Oh wow that looks so Delphic-y!


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