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10.03.2010- Say it with cake.

The lovely people over at LOLA's have created another beautiful range of cupcakes, this time for Mother's Day, which falls here in the U.K this coming Sunday. As always, each LOLA's cupcake is baked and lovingly decorated fresh every morning, and to celebrate the occasion, LOLA's have developed a delectable 'MUM Cupcake Box', which you can personalise with the perfect combination of flavours (including strawberry, vanilla, carrot and red velvet) and the name of the recipient of your gift box. Each cake is individually ornamented with edible roses, sprinkles and glitter and the pale pink, green, lilac and orange coloured icing evokes early spring (even if the weather at the moment is failing to do so!)

Each cupcake box is tied for delivery or collection, along with your personal message, and if a box of four cupcakes is far too tempting, then individual cupcake boxes are also available. LOLA's are also able to concoct cupcakes with edible images, a perfectly delicious way to remind your mum of a special moment you've shared. Nothing says love like a cupcake:

To find out more, check out the LOLA's website: and have a lovely Mother's Day!

(Image credit: LOLA's.)


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