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11.05.2010- Urban Love

For a long time, Urban Outfitters has been one of my favourite places to shop. I love the eclectic mix of clothing brands that they retail (which are usually not available anywhere else in the UK) and adore their home accessories. This Spring/Summer, they have got some fantastic pieces in, all of which I'm lusting over:

Pins & Needles Peter Pan Frock, £58. I love Peter Pan collars, and this pale nude colour is perfectly on trend.

Rodeo Fringe Colour Boot in Brown, £75. Every pair of worker boots I tried on over the winter were either horribly painful (hello blisters!) or made me look like a clown. These, however, look quite promising; the chocolate colour is divine and they don't seem overly uncomfortable. Fingers crossed!

Antique Rose Pastel Scarf, £12. Perfect for the brisk spring mornings.

One Of A Kind Vintage Sequin Top, £65. Sadly, this has now sold out online, but I really loved the pink and purple colour combination.

Vintage Leaf Pearl Belt in Nude, £16. So cute, again a way to work a little bit of neutral into your wardrobe.

Lace Up Suede Ankle Boot in Black, £55. Perfect for the transition into autumn, these ankle boots are simple and versatile, a wardrobe staple in the making.

At the moment, they are also having an absolutely killer mid season sale, with many items retailing for less than half the original ticket price. Also, if you buy any three sale items and enter the promotional code 'SALE3' at the checkout, your items will be delivered for free! So far, I've picked up these:

Rose Stem Necklace in White, was £14, now £9

Bonjour Mademoiselle Tee, was £28, now £9.99

Pastal Feather Appliques in Pink and Mint, were £16, now £10 each

By Johann Safari Shorts, were £38, now £17.99, will be perfect for my holiday!

And I recently bought this lovely mirror for my bedroom, which has sadly now sold out online:

Thoughts? Do you love Urban Outfitters as much as I do?

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters and Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. ooooohh yes, i love urban outfitters!
    im always so poor when i leave the shop/website :)
    i just can't stop myself!
    your blog is so lovely.



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