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09.06.2010- Disco, disco, disco!

Yesterday at university I had my last assessment of the year, believe me three hours of writing an exam paper is quite long enough! All of my projects for the year are finished now too, and I found out yesterday got an A for one of my theatre history essays, which made my day! So no more exams for me (fingers crossed), and only one more year of uni left until I have to think about becoming a grown up. Today I spent the day in London with my mum, shopping, lunch and made a trip to the theatre, a pretty perfect way to celebrate the end of term. Then this weekend my best friend's dad is having a Hollywood themed  birthday party, giving us all the perfect excuse to dress up. My outfit is top secret until the weekend, but I'll hopefully pop some pictures up so you can see my trying my best to be graceful! Then I've only got about three weeks until I jet off on a much needed holiday, a fortnight on a Andalucian beach is exactly what I need after the last few months. 

Also, some exciting news which I think I can finally share with you without fear of jinxing it! About a month ago now I was contacted by the lovely Emma Griffiths from Fashionista Magazine, the education magazine produced for distribution at Graduate Fashion Week, and was asked if I would be interested in contributing some writing to the 2010 edition of the magazine. This was such an unbelievable honour for me, as well as a brilliant opportunity to have some of my writing published. Graduate Fashion Week is happening as a type (my best friend, Sarah, of City Girl's Fashion Box, who has also had work published is enjoying the after-show party right now!) and Emma is very kindly posting me a copy of the finished magazine so I can see my work in all its printed glory. I'll share as soon as possible, but am so so grateful that I was given this great opportunity, it really does mean a lot. And, yet more exciting news which I think it's finally safe to share, I also managed to secure a week of work experience with The Stage Magazine in London at the beginning of September, so that should be another great opportunity to get some hands on experience and add to my C.V.

All in all, the summer is shaping up to be pretty fantastic so far, I'm just hoping the English weather holds out! How about you? Do you have anything amazing planned for the next few months?

(Image credit: fashiongonerogue and Fashionista Magazine @ GFW.)


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