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23.06.2010- Summer Beauty

I was browsing flickr the other day looking at vintage photos and old fashion shoots, and I came across this pool of images taken by Tom Palumbo, a photographer and theatre director who in the 50's and 60's shot many features for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar in the United States. I was particularly drawn to the photographs he shot of his wife, model Anne St. Marie, as I think they really capture a sense of joy and escapism.

These images in particular struck me as they capture in an instant the many memories of summer and holidaying. The bright light really enhances the tone of the pictures and Anne looks so radiant, especially in the final photograph (I just love that you can see the beach umbrellas reflected in her sunglasses). I also love the swimwear Anne is modelling; she looks so glamourous and oddly modern, surely proof that a classic bathing suit never dates. If I look half as radiant as she does when I'm on my holidays, I'll be a happy girl!

You can find out more about Tom Palumbo by visiting Tom Palumbo Photography, or by looking through his wonderful work on flickr.

(Image credit: Tom Palumbo on flickr.)


  1. Ahh, you're so right. These photos are the essence of summer. Especially the one in her skirted bathing suit.

  2. Flickr is so good for great photography photos!


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