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30.06.2010- Style Radar: Karen Gillan

I've loved watching the latest series of Doctor Who, which has just ended its run over here. Each of the episodes was really well made and extremely well written; whoever came up with the idea of The Doctor moving in with James Corden in The Lodger is a genius, and the episode entitled Vincent and the Doctor, written by Richard Curtis is probably my favourite of the series (with the exception of the A-MA-ZING series finale.) Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in the lead roles of The Doctor and Amy Pond respectively have brought a youthful exuberance to the show, and the dynamic of having Rory (Arthur Darvill), Amy's boyfriend/fiancé/husband as a second companion brings the programme a really welcome humour. Off-screen, Karen Gillan has been proving her fashion credentials both on and off the red carpet, and I'm seriously adoring her style!

 At the Sex and the City 2 London Premiere, in Louis Vuitton.

In Diane von Furstenberg at the BAFTA Craft Awards.

 With Matt Smith at a Doctor Who screening in New York, wearing a gorgeous aubergine maxi dress.

New York promo tour again, in a black DKNY Jumpsuit. Love the accessories, especially the pastel green scarf.

Is that a Mulberry Alexa I spy? A girl after my own heart!

It seems I'm not the only fan of Karen, as she was recently featured in UK InStyle, sporting a pair of Miu Miu trousers (serious love) and killer Rupert Sanderson sandals:

I'm really excited to see how Karen's style evolves; she really knows her fashion, which is no surprise really as she was a model before she moved into acting. And Amy Pond is probably my favourite companion ever, mainly because of this:

What do you think of Karen's style? And who else is on your style radar?

(Image credit: Google, Video credit: Youtube.)


  1. hahaha "fez's are cool" - love it!

    Hannah x


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