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23.07.2010- Fall 2010 Couture

I've only just caught up on the couture shows after being away, but remember vaguely hearing about Chanel's giant lion, another opulent installation at the Grand Palais created at the behest of Karl Lagerfeld. I can't say I was bowled over by Chanel's Couture presentation, but as a statement of the power of the label and achievement of stage design, the lion itself was very impressive.


As I've already said, I was a little underwhelmed by this collection as a whole; in particular I found some of the shapes very perplexing! However, a few pieces stood out, particularly the intricately embellished dresses in cream and camel, and I love the red lipstick. 


 Again, I love the embellishments on the dresses, and the neutral tones. 

Elie Saab

Filled with gorgeous glittering golds, this was a really beautiful collection. 


 My favourite collection of the week. To me, this is what Couture is all about; opulence, luxury and a little bit of fairy-tale magic. I love that Riccardo Tisci chose to present his pieces in this setting rather than show them on the runway, as the details really come to life against the elegant backdrop. Simply breathtaking. 

What did you think of the Couture collections? Which was your favourite?

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  1. I did a post on Givenchy as well! Richard Tisci is PERFECTION! Also loved the Chanel collection

    xx x xx x


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