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05.08.2010- Last Resort

Now that I'm back from my holiday, I've at last been able to catch up with the last of the resort collections for 2011. Here are my final favourites:


Lovely simple pieces which stick to a relatively neutral colour palette. Perfect for understated summer holiday chic.


Probably not the most practical of the Resort collections, but I had to include at least a couple of pieces by Lanvin as I loved how they were presented. 

Christopher Kane

A collection which featured stunningly vibrant, standout prints, which I love. This collection feels extremely modern, as Kane has re-envisioned the dress, making it more structured and creating a unique silhouette for the next year.

What were your Resort 2011 favourites? Any that I've missed?

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  1. I absolutely love Christopher Kane's new retake on the dress I have to admit!


  2. i love Christopher Kane's collection, the shape an prints are amazing.



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