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11.08.2010- Tricky Trend: The Midi

Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway in Mad Men.
One of my best friends and I were traipsing around Oxford Street's enormous branch of TOPSHOP at the start of the week, trying to pick up some autumn inspiration. The conversation steered to the midi- next season's most desirable skirt length, which I think will be pretty tricky to pull off without looking like you've raided your mum's wardrobe. The midi is causing such a revolution at the moment because for the first time in what feels like ages, high fashion (and, thanks to Mad Men, television) is embracing the fuller figure. Indeed, the designer behind 'midi mania', Marc Jacobs, recently announced plans to produce his designs in plus sizes, making him the first contemporary designer to cater for, rather than shun the fuller figured customer. Jacobs' most recent collection for Louis Vuitton was a celebration of curvaceous proportions, cinched in waists and the 1950's silhouette:

'And God created Woman', Louis Vuitton Fall 2010.

For me, the key to the midi will be how to wear it and still keep it youthful. Although I love the shape, it does create a very mature look, which will be tricky to master without looking like you've been caught playing dress-up. With this in mind, we turn again to Marc Jacobs and his own Fall 2010 collection:

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010.

Jacobs here keeps the midi feeling young by styling with ankle socks, basic tops, and unkempt hair, in contrast to the chic, swept back ponytails at Louis Vuitton. Bright young things Kirsten Dunst and Alexa Chung also demonstrated how to wear the midi at the opening of the Louis Vuitton Maison in London back in May:

Alexa's ankle tie espadrilles and sequin blouse keep her ensemble looking fresh, and Kirsten's hair really pops against the dark blue of her dress. If like me you are a bit reluctant to embrace the midi, the best thing to do is, as always, try before you buy. You never know, you might just find the perfect shape for you. I've just spotted this one over at MANGO which I'll be looking for when I'm next shopping:

What do you think of the midi? Will you be investing in one? How will you wear it? Or will you be avoiding it at all costs?


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