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24.08.2010- Best Dressed at V

The annual V Festival took place last weekend at two sites in the UK: Hylands Park in Chelmsford and Weston Park in Staffordshire, and acts performing this year included Kings of Leon, Florence and the Machine and Kasabian. As if more proof was needed that today's music festivals are as much about who is wearing what as who is headlining, was on site in Chelmsford, snapping the best dressed attendees, including:

Alexa Chung, in lace up wellies, denim cut-offs, Kurt Cobain tee and Aran cardigan.

Drew Barrymore, looking very bohemian with Justin Long.

Florence Welch, carrying a Mulberry bag.

Gemma Arterton.

Karen Gillan.

If you're feeling inspired by the outfits of either Alexa or Florence in particular, get yourself down to Topshop. They've got a gorgeous Knitted Aran Cardigan which is almost identical to Alexa's and a Mustard Short Sleeve Shirt which I'm pretty sure is the very same as Florence's.

£48, Topshop.
£38, Topshop.
To see the best of the rest from V Festival, visit What are your thoughts? Also, is it me, or have Topshop really hiked up their prices for Autumn/Winter? Thank goodness for student discount! 

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  1. Love that mustard shirt, but I don't think this colour suits me at all. Also love all of these festival looks xxx


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