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14.10.2010- From the people who bought you Fashion's Night Out...

...comes Fashion's Night In! My friends and I had a brilliant time at Fashion's Night Out here in London last month, and, as a celebration of all the online retailers who couldn't get involved on the night itself, Vogue has launched Fashion's Night In, which aims to bring us the best that online fashion has to offer. The aim is still the same- to raise money for the fantastic Kids Company, but instead of pounding the pavements, you can get involved from the comfort of your desk. The online event will be offering designer collaborations, styling advice, collection launches, goodie bags and competitions. Things will be kicking off on Monday November 1st from 5pm (GMT), and here are some of the events which have already been announced:

With more events to be confirmed in the run up to November 1st, be sure to keep checking the Fashion's Night In website for the latest information. I can't wait!

What do you think of the Fashion's Night In idea? Are you looking forward to it?

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