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21.10.2010- Luella's Guide to English Style

If your fashion tastes are anything like mine, you will have been devastated when the news broke about this time last year that Luella Bartley's fashion label was to cease trading. Have no fear though: Luella is back, this time with her Guide to English Style, a book which is hailed as a celebration of quintessentially English fashion and examines influential English style icons from throughout history, from the Duchess of Devonshire, to Kate Moss. The book also looks at significant moments in English fashion history, and explores the heritage of some of the English girl's best loved wardrobe items, including the tea dress and Fair Isle knit.

Not only does Luella's Guide to English Style promise to be a very stylish addition to your bookshelf, but I think it makes a lovely gift- I've already popped it on my Christmas list!

Luella's Guide to English Style is available from and is published by Fourth Estate.
 What do you think? Will you be buying a copy? And who are your ultimate English style icons?

(Image credit: and Stylist.)


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