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20.01.2011- Rokit Designers Guild

I've written before about my absolute adoration for all things Rokit, and this month they are launching a really exciting project which, as well as nurturing new talent, pays tribute to the lasting appeal of vintage and classic design techniques. Rokit Designers Guild is an initiative established for new designers and craftspeople with a passion for vintage style to have their work showcased by one of the most reputable vintage retailers out there, as well as giving avid vintage fans like myself the chance to own one-off, handmade pieces which are either inspired by vintage techniques or created using recycled materials. And, with prices starting at as little as £6, the launch of this project really is an unmissable opportunity to own a genuine designer gem without breaking the bank. The range includes everything from jewellery to dresses, and if you're a massive fan of vintage like myself, is well worth investigating further. Here are some of my favourite pieces from the range:
This hand-made Alice band instantly reminded me of some of the costumes from Black Swan, with its beautiful beaded detailing and feather-like motif.

 This printed scarf encapsulates all things London.

This Bourbon brooch combines two of the things I love most- biscuits and cute accessories!

I can't wait to see more of the collection when it launches later this month.

What do you think of this initiative? Would you buy anything from the range?

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  1. ahh! the head band reminds me of black swan too!!

    wolves and sparklers

  2. beautiful headband! loving its beaded detailing too! x

  3. I need that brooch in my life. Now x

  4. love the scarf..


  5. I adore the bourbon brooch, I have one without the gems but this is the next stage up and completely awesome =)

    Hannah xx

  6. I'm following you back, love this post! xx

  7. oh yes very black swan, and both simple/elegant and a statement piece! very nice :)

  8. This sounds like an incredible idea! I'm definitely going to check it out. :D

  9. That scarf is gorgeous! And I love the headband, it reminds me of Black Swan as well! :)

  10. This sounds very cool. It's all very new to me, I've never heard of All Things Rokit before, but I'm definitely going to check them out now!

  11. love the headband. its beautiful! thank you so much for your lovely comment on our blog - so sorry we are getting back to you so late - but it is much appreciated!

    hope to hear from you soon!
    xo, camilla & valerie

  12. I have only recently heard of Rokit and I've yet to take a proper look at their website (pops over to check it out...)

    I love the headband though and I really like the sound of this idea and would definitely be interested in purchasing something should anything catch my eye xxx

  13. WOW I love that hairband!!! Very cute blog missy :)


  14. that bourbon buscuit is AMAZE
    its so creative
    love your blog, im now a follower :)
    check out my blog

  15. Ha I love that brooch, pretty much just because i love bourbon biscuits! x

  16. i love the brooch. :)


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