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10.02.2011- Spring Dreams

Spring is slowly making its presence felt (how lovely was it to see the sun the other day?), and as we wave goodbye to winter, I've found a little slice of transitional inspiration in the form of this shoot, titled Watercolour Dreams, starring Natalie Gempel and shot by Lauren Withrow:

I love how Withrow has managed to capture the atmosphere of a frosty winter morning but retained a really spring-like feel thanks to the magical woodland location and styling. This shoot also really reminds me of both Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, but I'm not really sure why!

What do you think of this shoot? Are you looking forward to spring?

(Image credit: fashiongonerogue.)


  1. Love this shoot, the splash of colour with that plastic roll is fab x

  2. Amazing shoot!

    I am looking forward to Spring weather wise, but I'm more of an A/W fashion

  3. so gorgeous. really has stopped me from feeling so stuck it rut during this change in season.
    I love summer :)

  4. this is simply incredible! the early morning natural settting and the wrapping of bountiless scarves and waht not with the styling is so so brilliant! i am thoroughly impressed!

  5. These photos are so beautiful. it reminds me of little red riding hood too :) Let's follow eachother, your blog is very inspiring. (plus im doing a giveaway)


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