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03.06.2011- Weekend Wishes

With the glorious weather which is gracing the UK at the moment set to continue for at least a little while longer, my wish for this weekend would be to look this glamorous whilst enjoying some sunshine:

Rosie Tupper by Andreas Sjödin, Elle Sweden, May 2011, styled by Lisa Lindqwister. 
As it goes, I'll probably end up looking more like a menopausal lobster, especially if the air conditioner at work is still on the blink!

Whatever you've got planned for the weekend, have a lovely time and stay safe in the sun!

(Image credit: NOIR FACADE.)


  1. Oh I wish I looked that glamourous and relaxed on a swelteringly hot day(!) Sadly I am more close to a hot mess, jumping in and out of any store/building that boasts an air-con machine! So glad we have air-con at home, I'm currently in total relaxation mode :-P xx

  2. I love summer so much, but I always end up looking awful on those hot sunny days on the park, where everyone else seems to looks effortlessly cool!

    Beautiful pictures xxx

  3. I have been loving the gorgeous weather - not today mind you. These images are gorgeous. xx

  4. what a gorgeous editorial. absolutely love these photos. they are amazing <3

    thank you so much for your lovely comment!
    we love hearing from you :]

    hope you'll come visit us again soon!
    xo, camilla & valerie


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