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21.10.2011- Westfield Blogger Hunt

A little while ago, I posted my entry for the Westfield Guest Blogger competition, and at the end of last week I had an email saying I'd made the top five! It was honestly really unexpected as I only entered at the last minute (carpe diem and all that!), and to be in such amazing company alongside the other finalists is a fantastic thrill.

I've now got a rather posh looking profile page on the Westfield website, where you can find out more and see the mood board which I've put together showcasing my favourite look for this season. The winner of the competition is decided by a public vote (aaah!) so if you could find the time to 'like' my entry (using the button at the bottom of  my page ) that would be brilliant and I'd really appreciate it! Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 30th October. Thanks my lovelies!


  1. Hi Sarah :) I'm one of the other finalists. Your profile was my favourite out of the others so I voted for it. Good luck!

  2. Well done, Sarah! I will definitely vote for you! Good luck xxxx

  3. Thank-you for the comment Sarah, I'm over the moon with your comment- it was so kind. Ooh! Congratulations, I wish there was a Blogger competition that allowed sixteen year olds to enter! I'd love to have a go. You have to be 18 or older a lot of the time :( What a wonderful entry you made! I've liked it for you! I hope you win sweetheart!

    Lots of Love,
    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  4. Congrats on making the top 5!
    I've just read your entry and can see why you made it so far, definitely well deserved.
    I love your blog and am now off to read all your previous posts haha x


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