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29.01.2012- Sunday Style Spotlight #13: Peppy Miller

Whilst this Style Spotlight may seem a little unorthodox (given that it's the first post which has focused on a character from a film rather than on an actress), it seems more than fitting given that 20s inspired fashion is a standout trend for the coming season, and when considering the mass acclaim surrounding The Artist- which this week picked up ten Oscar nominations. So, with this in mind, I give you a timely tribute to the signature look of the film's leading lady, Peppy Miller:

Peppy, played by the beautiful Bérénice Bejo, is an aspiring actress who finds herself propelled into the spotlight after a chance encounter with the famous silent film star, George Valentin. Mark Bridges, costume designer for The Artist has perfectly captured the glamour of the late 20s and early 30s throughout the film, and this classic look is surprisingly easy to replicate- as long as you keep things simple. I centred this outfit around this gorgeous drop-waist dress from Warehouse, as the shape is perfect for recreating the style of the era and the colour gives the outfit a really vibrant, youthful feel- keeping it from feeling too dated. One of Peppy's signature accessories is the cloche hat, and this beige design from River Island is a wonderfully subtle nod to this- I love the pastel ribbon detail too. For women, the fashions of the 20s also meant liberation- trousers, biker boots and brogues all became practical staples for those who could afford them, so these River Island flats are the perfect homage to this new found fashion freedom. This swing coat from John Lewis ties the whole look together perfectly, and is a classically glamorous piece which I'm sure Peppy herself would more than approve of. Finally, the jewellery seemed like the perfect finishing touch to such a timeless look, and each piece co-ordinates perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Have you been inspired by The Artist? What do you think of this look? And which film characters are your style icons?

(Image credit: Warner Bros/The Weinstein Company via Google Images, Accessorize, John Lewis, River Island, Oasis, Topshop and Warehouse.)


  1. Very cool post, I had never heard of her (oops? I might be living under a rock though). I don't particularly have a film character style icon.. Just maybe a couple whose styles I like.
    I love the hat!

  2. Great idea for a post, love this style!

  3. love this :) the outfit is a great representation of 1920s fashion- my favourite style! The hat especially is beautiful!


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