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13.02.2012- Monday Must haves: tba's take on SS12

Regular readers will know that I'm a massive fan of tba, and it's a label which I've been following for a good few years now. Last month, I posted a few images from their beautifully sun-drenched SS12 lookbook, and the collection has been gradually appearing online over the last week or so. Since then, I've been drawing up a 'to buy' list as long as my arm, and this post seemed like the perfect opportunity to share my favourite pieces with you:

Whilst these picks are a little bit more expensive than the pieces I normally tend to include in this sort of post, I've picked up some tba pieces myself over the last couple of seasons, and you really do get what you pay for. Think luxurious silk material, one of a kind details and pieces which you'll want to return to again and again. (They also have amazing end of season/sample sales!) Their SS12 collection might just be my favourite to date, incorporating signature details and a range of really feminine, wearable pieces. The sage green shade of the Odette dress isn't a colour which I'd normally opt for, but I think it'd look perfect against a holiday tan, and anything that encourages me to step out of my comfort zone can never be a bad thing in my book! I love the print on this Collete shirt, and think it's a really versatile piece (especially when considering the sheer unpredictability of the British summertime!). The April blouse carries through yet more romantic frill detailing, and the classic dove grey tone makes it a really timeless piece. This trenchcoat is ideal for throwing over an outfit on a chilly spring morning, and it's a really luxe piece which you'd never tire of wearing. Finally, the Ella dress is the perfect piece for a summer garden party or a wedding, and I love how it subtly nods to designs from past seasons with the scalloped edging. I'd better get saving my pennies!

What do you think of these pieces from tba's SS12 collection? And are you a fan of the label?

(Image credit: tba.)


  1. Odette dress and Elise trenchcoat, be mine! I'd happily pay the prices for these, sometimes it's worth it for some better quality and pieces that not everyone will have (:

  2. ooh I love this collection, I've got it lined up to post about too. Their pieces are just uber girly! x

  3. I think these pieces are so beautiful, especially the April blouse! They look so feminine and classy, what a beautiful post. :)

    I'm a new follower of your blog, and I think it's so pretty! <3 Love it.


  4. i loooove tba but haven't actually brought any of the pieces before as it is a little pricey, i really do like the blouses in this collection though x

  5. I absolutely adore these dresses. They are so feminine and romantic.

    Reminds me of how my mum dressed me as a girl!

    love your blog x

    sending you happy spells


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