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21.03.2012- Spring in the new

What a beautiful day! Whilst it seems typically British to talk about the weather, it's lovely to see the sunshine again after such a gloomy winter. Lighter mornings, longer evenings and the balmier weather all point to the arrival of spring, and I for one couldn't be happier. I've also been collecting some inspiration for spring dressing along the way, and this editorial featuring Kirsten Dunst from Vogue Italia has to be one of my favourites so far:

Kirsten Dunst by Yelena Yemchuk, styled by Leith Clark, Vogue Italia February 2012.
I first saw these shots over at Tess' blog (which you should all go and follow!) and was mesmerised. I love the ethereal, fairytale feel and the styling is perfect. If only we could all wear Louis Vuitton to the beach!

Are you happy that spring is here? What are you most looking forward to doing as the weather improves? And what do you think of this editorial? .)

(Image credit: Yelena Yemchuk/Vogue Italia via fashiongonerogue.)


  1. oh you! This is just the kind of inspiration we all need for this coming summer!! x

  2. The images are beautiful! But I feel like they could have gone so much more ethereal with the styling... these dresses seem to be quite structured... imagine it with lace and chiffon and silk and maxi lengths! xx

  3. OMG I love these pictures of Kirsten ♥___♥

  4. Love this editorial! She's so pretty and the pieces are wonderful!


  5. Ha, I had the thought, "wow, she looks a lot like Kristen Dunst" just before you mentioned it was her! Really lovely shoot, so whimsical x

  6. Gorgeous editorial!!!

    I love Kirsten Dust. I've always loved her.

    Wherever the Sunset is


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