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12.04.2012- Scarlett Woman

Nerdy as it might be of me to admit, I'm really looking forward to seeing Marvel's Avengers Assemble when it's released in cinemas at the end of the month. Not only does the film look amazing, but with such a high-profile cast, I'm sure we'll be seeing some very stylish red carpet appearances over the coming weeks, as the promotion trail hits fever pitch. Scarlett Johansson, who plays Black Widow, has already bagged the May cover of US Vogue, starring in a Mario Testino shot editorial alongside her co-star Mark Ruffalo:

Scarlett Johansson: Back In Stride, shot by Mario Testino, US Vogue May 2012.
As well as making me really want a pet leopard (hey, I'm a cat person!), this editorial also has me hankering after a wardrobe full of 40s inspired frock like those Scarlett models so beautifully throughout. If only!

What do you think of this editorial? And will you be watching Avengers Assemble when it's released?

(Image credit: Mario Testino/ US Vogue.)


  1. I like her because she's so naturally pretty - she just makes glam look really, really effortless. I'm also really looking forward to that film even if it is a bit nerdy ;)

  2. I love this editorial and I love Scarjo and I love big cats, HOWEVER doesn't the cat look grossly photoshopped in every photo?! I know it is but it's been terribly edited particularly in the black and white one, it looks more like a collage, which is weird x

  3. Are you kidding me? I'm SO excited for the Avengers film! Can't wait to see Scarlett in it, I love her.

    x Michelle |


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