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29.04.2012- Aussie Angels Entry

The lovely people over at Aussie have opened their Angels admissions for 2012! You can find about more about becoming an Aussie Angel at Uncover Aussie, but in the meantime here is my entry:

Whether it's your beehive, your barnet or your crowning glory, 
Everyone's hairstyle tells its own unique story

If you're growing out, styling in or having the chop,
One bad hair day and you feel like a flop

Blonde or brunette, redhead- whatever
Here's a selection of products you'll treasure forever

Curly, frizzy, flyaway or straight-
Say hello to Aussie (or rather 'G'day mate!')

Whether you're treating your locks or setting a do,
The best place to start is with an Auss-some shampoo

Hairspray, conditioner, heat and colour protection
Aussie's apothecary is nothing short of perfection

Full of natural goodness, fragranced like a dream,
This is hair care with an antipodean theme

So sit back, relax and don't stress about styling
With Aussie on your side you're sure to be smiling. 

I'd love to be an Angel and get my Aussie wings,
To get involved in some truly Auss-some things

And whilst I've had some hair nightmares in the past,
Working with Aussie I'm sure would be a blast

The chance to banish bad hair days, wave goodbye to split ends,
All whilst making some lovely new friends

So, Aussie panel, just listen to your heart-
After all, there's more to life than hair, but it's a good place to start!

Thanks for reading!

(Image credit: Polyvore.)


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