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04.05.2012- Weekend Wishes

I've always thought that a girl can never have too many dresses. Remember a few years ago when there was a massive dress resurgence and you suddenly wondered why the humble frock had been banished to the dark recesses of your wardrobe in favour of jeans, skirts that came with trousers (shudder!) and cargo pants? Whether we were worried about looking to 'girly' amongst a crowd of power dressers and camouflage print, the frock had well and truly fallen out of favour. Now, however, you can't move for pretty dresses all over the high street and online, emphatically proving that a classic never really goes out of fashion. The summer dress in particular is a firm favourite, and a much-loved staple for weddings, picnics and parties. In spite of the fact that I have none of these occasions to plan an outfit for, I'm still window shopping for the best frocks around (all in the name of research of course!) and have found the perfect pieces in the shape of the latest Salon collection from ASOS. With this in mind, my wish for this weekend is simple- I wish I had somewhere to wear this beautiful selection:

Kaftan Dress with Bright Embroidery, £120.
Neon Embroidery Mesh Midi, £150.
Dress with Floral Appliqué, £120.
Drop Waist Dress with Scallop Cut Outs, £150.
Shift Dress with Cutwork, £100
Aren't they stunning? I'm so tempted to buy one (or several!) and stash them away for any future special occasions!

What do you think of the latest ASOS Salon collection? And what are your wishes for this weekend?

(Image credit: ASOS.)


  1. The one with the pink sewn on flowers is gorgeous! Love looking at your wishlists. I'm on the hunt for the perfect maxi skirt, a nude chiffon one but with some kind of detailing. It may be a long shot but i WILL find the one! haha xx

  2. the pink flower dress is just WOW
    you have very good taste :-)

  3. Amazing collections! Love all the gorgeous dresses.


  4. These dresses look amazing :) xx

  5. the cutwork one is gorgeous! Wish I had the money, there has been so mnay discount codes the past few weeks but too poor to buy anyting :( Need to get more wear out of things that have been hiding in my cupboard for ages x


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