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09.05.2012- You shall go the the ball...

Ever since I saw Cinderella at the age of five, I've been convinced (or some might say indoctrinated into thinking!) that the perfect dress is a one way ticket to success. You only have to look at the myriad of red carpet coverage online and in magazines to recognise that this is still true, and to see that the ballgown is still an immensely powerful piece of clothing in the modern wardrobe. Fair enough, in this day and age, it might not be the one-way ticket to bagging yourself Prince Charming in the same way that it was for Cinderella, but I'm sure we can all remember moments where we've been wearing an amazing dress and have felt on top of the world,  if only for an evening . How perfect then, that the first exhibition to be housed in the V&A's newly renovated fashion galleries pays tribute to elegant eveningwear in all its glory. Entitled Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950, this exhibition is a must-visit if you want to admire some fairytale frocks firsthand, and encompasses an array of breathtaking dresses:

From top: Elizabeth Emanuel (1999), Erdem (2008) and Mary Katrantzou (2011).
Starring pieces by Alexander McQueen, Zandra Rhodes and Erdem, the exhibition is set to showcase the best of British design, as well as some very special royal ballgowns. I can't wait to pop along and have a look, and I'm also really excited to see the revamped fashion galleries!
Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950 runs at the V&A from May 19th 2012- January 6th 2013. To find out more and to book tickets, visit the V&A website.

Will you be visiting this exhibition?

(Image credit: V&A.)


  1. ooh, these are so beautiful! xx

  2. I didn't even know about this exhibit - and the V&A is my favourite!! Oooh wee can't wait to go! What gorgeous dresses :-) xx

  3. been looking forward to this for so long! nearly here.
    love your blog, very varied.


  4. Oh wow the staging looks great too. Daphne Guinness I suppose, sometimes clothes can be so static. Heading up to London next week for this & the Bauhaus, can't wait!

  5. god i want to see this! his dresses are absolutely beautiful, wouldn't you feel like a dream walking in that last one?


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