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16.05.2012- Is your beauty storage beautiful?

One of my favourite places to visit when I need to pick up some new make-up is the beauty hall at John Lewis on Oxford Street. Having recently undergone an amazing revamp, the space is now looking better than ever, with a whole host of new brands setting up shop alongside some old favourites. In celebration of the re-launch of their flagship beauty hall, John Lewis has asked a selection of bloggers to share their beauty storage solutions. Never one to resist a challenge, here's my take on managing my make-up and co-ordinating my collection of beauty buys:

My daily beauty routine always starts with skincare. It's taken me a really long time to find the perfect combination of products for my skin, but my Clinique liquid facial soap and Clarisonic are a match made in heaven. Since I picked up my Clarisonic at the start of the year, I've noticed far fewer breakouts and my overall complexion has really benefited. As these are products which I use every day, I keep them out on my dressing table so I can grab them easily as I blearily-eyed make my way to the bathroom of a morning!

Next stop, perfume. I've got a few fragrances which I like to alternate between, namely Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle and Givenchy's Eau De Moiselle, and again these are stashed on my dressing table so I can grab them easily when I need to. Sitting alongside these everyday scents, I've also got a bottle of Chanel No.5, which was a present for my 21st birthday- as you can see I use it very sparingly!

My make-up storage is a touch more complicated but sill works really well for me. I picked up this jumbo-sized vanity case from Cath Kidston during their sale last year, and it's perfect for keeping the bulk of my collection in. Usually stashed in one of my dressing table drawers, the grab handle makes it really portable, and it offers a great amount of storage. The separate compartments make it really easy to keep all of my products organised (lipsticks in one section, eyeliners in another, and so on), so my inner neat freak is content! I tend to keep the products which I use more regularly (such as my Nars blusher and Chanel eyeshadows) in the central compartment, and this case is perfect as I can see everything easily- meaning that nothing is neglected! For the products which I carry with me in my handbag or staples I use on a daily basis, I've got a smaller make-up bag (again by Cath Kidston!), which comes with a handy matching mirror. In here, you'll find my Lancome mascara (the sole reason I've never resorted to false eyelashes!), Benefit highlighter and Vichy concealer, along with some brushes and spare contact lenses- everyday essentials which I'd be lost without!

That concludes the guided tour of my beauty storage! I hope you enjoyed it!

How do you store your make-up? And have you come up with any innovate storage solutions? 

*This post has been sponsored by John Lewis

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. So pretty! I seriously want all your perfumes, I always use Coco Mademoiselle but it's got about two sprays left! :(

    I have a vintage Samsonite train case which has a little tray on top to organize things and can store big things underneath, as well as just a couple vintage boxes. XO

  2. Loved seeing how you stored your makeup, always looking for new ways to store mine, great post!

    Emily x

  3. I have some similar Cath Kidston bags, they are so nice xx

  4. i am SO jealous of your make up collection!! :) xo

  5. All my make up is in old boxes I get at Christmas with perfume sets in and spread all around my room. Really need to have a sort out x

  6. Your Cath Kidston storage case is lovely, I definitely need something like that - I keep all my makeup in a rather industrial looking metal box! Jealous of the perfumes as well, I really want some Chanel No5 but it's just too pricey sadly.

    Alice x


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