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21.05.2012- Alexa Chung for Vero Moda

Do my eyes deceive me or do I see sunshine?! To say it's been a long time in coming is something of an understatement, but now it's here I'm hoping we'll have it for a little while at least. It might be overly optimistic I know, but I'm just about to sift through my wardrobe in search of some long neglected summer pieces. If you're in the process of doing the same, then I think I've found the perfect inspiration in the shape of Alexa Chung's latest campaign for Vero Moda:

Beautiful, don't you think? The shoot and accompanying video capture a really tranquil, summer holiday feel and I love the sheer simplicity of the pieces from this collection- perfect to take away in your suitcase. I'm now seriously considering having my fringe cut back in after growing it out for the last year- thanks Alexa!

What do you think of Alexa's latest campaign for Vero Moda? And are you happy to see the sunshine?

(Image credit: Vero Moda. Video credit: Vero Moda on Youtube.)


  1. Oh wow, I am completely inspired by this entire post! Xx

  2. I love her!!


  3. I have been rather liking her Vero Moda campaigns, that blazer must be mine! xx

  4. This is making me long for the sunshine, hopefully we'll get some tomorrow in London!


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