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25.05.2012- What I Wore Today #27

Yesterday Sarah and I went along to a couple of lovely press/blogger events in London, previewing the Next and Forever 21 AW12 collections. I'll be posting about the events themselves soon, but with the weather so hot yesterday, I resorted to wearing something I'd been determined to save for my holiday:

Shirt- Rokit
Jeans- Topshop
Bag- Primark
Sunglasses- Marks and Spencer

I spied this shirt in Rokit a few weeks ago, and whilst it's a bit brighter than the ditsy floral prints I usually opt for, I thought it would be perfect to pack in my suitcase, and really easy to wear with shorts on holiday. However, the tropical weather we're basking in at the moment caught me a little bit of guard, so I grabbed it out of my wardrobe yesterday morning instead! I'm not quite brave enough for skirts and shorts at the moment, so teamed the blouse with my favourite jeans for an outfit which was easy to wear and practical, especially when hopping on and off of the tube. The sunglasses were another purchase intended for my holiday, but they also had an early airing yesterday, just to add another retro element alongside the vintage shirt.

How are you finding dressing for the heat? And has the warm weather caught you off guard?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Love the shirt! Sounds like a fun day too. Oh it took me a while to adjust! Iam trying to force myself to get used to bare legs, or I'll be wearing trousers all summer! Its just always a shock how short everything feels in bare legs... I don't know how the butt-cheek showing shorts wearers do it!

  2. really nice and classy...hope you have a nice weekend

  3. it's been a nightmare going to work and having to wear sandals and no tights. I feel bare! All my summer clothes are too big from last year so I'm wearing really 'going out' dresses to work because I don't have much else eek x

  4. very pretty, love the tropical print :) I'm finding the heat a bit much in London, but I know I shouldn't complain! xo

  5. Cute look! & I cant wait to see the Great Gatsby! xx


  6. Ohh I love your shirt, Sarah (: I've been looking for something a little brighter for my wardrobe too, but keep shying away from them as usual. xx

  7. love your shirt!



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