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31.05.2012- Homemade Jubilee Part Two: Create

If there's one thing which is absolutely essential for the impending Jubilee celebrations then it's bunting. There's absolutely loads of it in the shops at the moment, incorporating a range of designs from the traditional Union Jack to kitsch florals, but if you fancy being a bit thrifty then it's something which is really easy to make yourself if you've got the time. After making some for the Royal Wedding last year, I've come up with a few revisions to make things even easier:

DIY Jubilee Bunting

You will need
Paper or card printed/decorated with a design of your choice
A hole punch

1) Find a design/pattern which you'd like you use for your bunting.
2) Print out onto card/paper, ensuring that the finished print-out is double sided so your bunting can hang anywhere.
3) Using a triangular template (I used one I found in Autoshapes!), cut out as many of the flags as you will need.
4) Once you've cut out all of your triangular flags, carefully hole-punch the shortest side (the base) of each one.
5) Arrange or alternate your designs in an order which you like.
6) Cut a length of string and slowly thread it through the holes at the top of your paper triangles (I found this much easier to do when I tied the string to something at about eye level, like a chair).
7) Once you've popped as many triangles as you like onto the length of string, create a small loop at either the end of the string which you can use to hang the bunting up with.
8) Display as desired!

It's a tiny bit simpler than the post which I put together previously, and a really great way to get creative with your Jubilee decorations, don't you think? Super simple to make, you can be as adventurous as you like with it, so this make is perfect if you're having a themed celebration. And, if you're looking for a beautifully patriotic design to start with, then Stylist have released an amazing Rob Ryan pattern which you can download and print out here. Happy making!

Will you be making your own bunting? And are you having a thrifty Jubilee?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Beautiful bunting! I have lots of it myself, you can never have enough!

    Karys x

  2. I love bunting! These would be fab just for everyday decoration too :) xoxo

  3. lifesaver!

    going to a jubilee party tmro and didn't want to turn up empty handed. thank-you !


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