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06.06.2012- Jubilee Afternoon Tea

Enjoying the Jubilee celebrations over the weekend in quintessentially British style for me meant only one thing- enjoying some afternoon tea whilst watching the rainy (but still spectacular) events of Sunday afternoon unfold from the comfort of my sofa. With some help from my two favourite cookery books (namely The Great British Bake Off and The Vintage Tea Party Book), it was an entirely home-baked afternoon, and enjoying the celebrations whilst surrounded by tea and cake (which there is plenty left of!) seemed like the perfect way to mark such a special weekend. Here's a little look at how I got on:

Fresh flowers which I picked from my garden to decorate the table with (the little vase was a £1.50 charity shop bargain!)

Another charity shop purchase in the shape of the teapot, which sat surprisingly well against the vintage china which my mum inherited from her grandmother.

Teacup cupcake, anyone?

My red white and blue meringues (so messy to make, but worth it in the end!)

A cake stand adorned with scones, mini Victoria Sandwiches and some rather patriotic cupcakes.

I surprised even myself with how creative (or should I say carried away!) I got with the cake decoration!

 The full spread!

It was great to take the time to mark the occasion with such a traditional little ritual, although I did feel a little bit guilty sitting with a warm cup of tea whilst everyone on the river was getting soaked to the skin! I also had a really great time baking everything, and trying a few recipes which were a little bit out of my comfort zone. Can't we have a party like this every weekend?

Did you do anything similar to mark the Diamond Jubilee? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. That teapot is such a gorgeous find! Looks like you had a lovely time! xx

  2. amazing. Those cupcakes outdo Marks and Sparks that's for sure! I cannot elieve their home made!! Amazinggg xx

  3. love your bunting!!
    and those cakes! MMMMM...

    follow meee


  4. Those cakes look gorgeous! I just tagged you in my latest post '11 questions tag'

    kat x

  5. The cakes look delicious! I love vintage teacups and bunting. x

  6. Wow, those cakes look amazing! I have no baking skill at all but did make a trifle in honour of the jubilee. x

  7. All this food looks amazing!!
    The jubilee was so fun.
    JS xx

  8. So pleased to have found your blog! Check mine out might have some common interests although my baking isn't as good as yours... xx

  9. probably the cutest spread ive ever seen i love it! x


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