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21.06.2012- If you go down to the woods today...'re in for a Mulberry surprise! From season to season, I'm always really eager to see how Mulberry capture the magic of their catwalk shows in their advertising campaigns, as their long-term collaboration with photographer Tim Walker always results in something special. Their AW12 presentation was one of my highlights of last London Fashion Week, and the fantastical Where the Wild Things Are theme of the show continues beautifully in their new season advertising:

Lindsey Wixon, Mulberry AW12 by Tim Walker.
Pretty beautiful, isn't it? It's also lovely to see the designs really come to life in this context- I particularly like the vibrant oranges, ankles boots and, of course, the bags!

What do you think of Mulberry's AW12 campaign?

(Image credit: Mulberry and Tim Walker via WWD.)


  1. Mulberry always have the best campaigns - they always seem so playful!

  2. I LOVE it! wish they put one of those headbands on the model with some ears on, would have been cute. Such a fun looking shoot x

  3. Love this so much, i defiantly love the whole where the wild things are vibe and the clothes fit in with the theme so well. Love this! xo

  4. Love it, it actually makes the clothes look really good too x

  5. love this!!


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