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26.06.2012- What I Wore Today #32

The glimmer of sunshine that I saw here today was all the excuse I needed to break out the florals! This afternoon I had lunch with a friend from uni before going to see Avengers Assemble for the third time (such a geek!) It's just one of those films I could watch over and over again and not get bored of- and I'm already counting down the days until it comes out on DVD! (And, if any further proof of my unashamed nerdiness were needed, I'm now the proud owner of an Avengers mug...) Anyway, with the weather being so lovely today (dare I say summery?!), I opted to wear a recent flowery addition to my wardrobe:

Shirt- Cath Kidston
Jeans- Topshop
Bag- Vintage (via Rokit)
Necklace- Whistles
Sunglasses- H&M

I bought this cotton shirt on a whim from the Cath Kidston sale last week, and I'm so pleased I snapped it up- it was made for balmy days like today, and we all know I can never resist a pretty pattern. I also think it's a nice wearable nod to the pyjama trend, and is a really versatile piece too. I dug this vintage bag from Rokit out from the depths of my wardrobe this morning, having completely forgotten all about it! It's definitely something I'll be using more and more as the weather (hopefully!) warms up, and it's probably one of my best vintage finds in a while. The necklace from Whistles was another sale purchase (half price!), and again it's a really adaptable accessory which I'm sure I'll be featuring in many an outfit post from now on. Teamed, as ever, with my staple denim and some bargain sunglasses from H&M, this was my take on relaxed sunshine dressing for today!

What are your summer essentials? And have you picked up anything new recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Love this shirt and the vintage bag is lovely too! x

  2. If the photo of the sunnies and gorgeous Rokit bag doesn't summer, I don't know what does!

  3. Gorgeous shirt! I'm not normally a Cath Kidston fan. However, 2 days after you wrote this there were severe floods so I'd say you definitely shouldn't have mentioned summer :p

    Laura x


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