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19.07.2012- What I Wore On Holiday #1

So I'm back from my holiday! I had a lovely time, read plenty of books and did lots of swimming (as well as a mountain hike...but more on that to come!) I'm working on a post of some holiday photos to show you what I got up to, but I thought I'd also put together a series of outfit posts showing you some of what I wore on holiday, as I seem to have accumulated a fair few snaps. I also picked up a few new bits and pieces before I went away (some might call it panic buying...!), so thought this would be the perfect way to show you some recent additions to my wardrobe. Here's my outfit from day one:

Beach dress- Topshop
Bikini (just seen)- Monki
Basket- Cath Kidston
Sunglasses- Marks and Spencer

I wore this on the first day I spent at the beach as I'm extremely prone to sunburn! I spied this beach dress in Topshop at the beginning of the summer (if we can call it that with the weather so awful at the moment!), and picked it up a few weeks before I went away. It was ideal for wearing to the beach, and I really love the watercolour effect- how pretty are the colours? The basket was something I bought in the Cath Kidston sale, and it was perfect for fitting all of my seaside essentials in, but I also think it will be great to use here when the weather perks up. Finally, I tried this hairstyle after seeing it in Look and on Pintrest, and I don't think it turned out that badly considering it was a first attempt. It's actually surprisingly easy to do, and ideal for keeping your locks tangle free if you're going away on a beach holiday. 

What are your beach essentials? And do you impulse buy before you go away?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Your hair looks amazing Sarah! I'm not sure I could manage that but I will have a look on Pinterest. very jealous of your lovely sunny holiday! xx

  2. I rarely go to the beach, I'm a city break kind of girl but if I do go I love denim shorts because I can go exploring in them and go paddling in them. You did a great job with your hair, it's so hard to get the back looking nice because you can't see what you're doing.

  3. Sorry but how amazing is your hair, Sarah?! You look so naaaice ;) shall be seeing you in a few hours lovely! xx

  4. awesome hair <3

  5. Your hair looks amazing, I wish I had more hair styling skills for when I want to put it up! x


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