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01.08.2012- Schwarzkopf Silhouette Competition Entry

When it comes to hair trends, the red carpet and catwalk are undoubtedly the best places to seek out inspiration for new styles. I love recreating looks I've seen on the red carpet, and with a whole host of tutorials available via Youtube, capturing a slice of Hollywood hair has never been easier. So, when the lovely ladies from Immediate PR got in touch about a special competition which they are running in collaboration with Schwarzkopf, I couldn't resist taking part. The challenge is simple- using three products from Schwarzkopf's Silhouette Color Brilliance range, recreate an iconic red carpet hair silhouette. For me, there's one style which is head and shoulders (pardon the pun!) above the rest this summer, and which I was eager to try and emulate: the halo braid:

Seen at the start of the spring on Scarlett Johansson, the halo braid is a really versatile red carpet look which can be worn in a lot of different ways. Scarlett's style is very structured, with the tightly woven braid resting on the crown of her head to create a smart, sweeping updo. In contrast to this, Keira Knightley's look is worn much looser, with wisps of hair framing her face and the front plaited section resting much closer to the hairline. Beautifully accessorized with a Grecian style headband, it's a look which is perfect for summer. The halo braid has also been big news editorially and on the catwalk, with model Frida Gustavsson wearing the look on the streets of Paris during fashion week. Armed with my Schwarzkopf Silhouette products, my attempt at recreating the halo braid looked like this:
To begin with, I used the Super Hold Mousse to add some texture and hold to my hair before blow drying. Compared to other mousses I've used in the past, this was really lovely, with a lightweight feel which left my hair in prime condition to be styled. After parting my hair quite extremely on the side, I separated the top into three sections, gradually working a French plait around the top of my head. Continuing the plait around my ear, I made sure that the hair was pulled as tightly was possible to give the look as much structure as possible and stop sections falling out- especially important as my hair isn't the same length all over. Working the plait around the back of my head (with the help of a mirror!), I continued it upwards, working the bottom section into the front with the help of some kirby grips. Any sections which felt a bit loose were fixed with a grip, before I sprayed the whole of my hair with Strong Hold Hairspray, which again was lovely and lightweight. I didn't feel like my hair had spray on it at all, as it didn't dry sticky or hard like so many other products I've used in the past. To complete the look (and add a little bit of red carpet glitz!), I worked in some spin pins to the front section of the plait, before finishing with Extreme Gloss Spray, adding a beautiful, mirror-like shine to my hair which lasted all day. Overall, I'm really pleased with the results, and although I've experimented with the halo braid a few times before, this look was by far the best attempt- it remained fixed all day (through some very strong breeze!) Had I been off to a glitzy film premiere or red carpet event in the evening, I'm sure it would have stayed put perfectly.

Have you tried the Silhouette range? And do you like recreating red carpet hairstyles?

(Image credit: Google Images and Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. The halo really suits you! Looks like a great idea to keep your hair off your neck and face in the summer heat! Good luck for the competition! x

  2. New follower! =)
    This hair is completely amazing. It makes me desperate to grow mine.

  3. Love the look! I recently cut my hair so it is too short to try any braid/halo hair styles. I attempted to make a fish tail braid and it was a tragic result lol


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