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09.08.2012- My Month in Pictures: July

This year really is flying by, isn't it?! It's hard to believe that we're heading towards the end of the summer, so fingers crossed the sun stays with us for a little while longer at least. Having said that, I did manage to enjoy my fair share of sunshine last month:

1st-14th July- Had a lovely time on holiday!

19th July- Had some lunch in Borough Market whilst enjoying the pre-Olympic excitement!

 19th July- Made some new friends in Hyde Park!

20th July- Made these cupcakes for The Blogger's Picnic.

21st July- Lots of food at The Blogger's Picnic!

22nd July- Picked these flowers in the garden.

25th July- Made a cheeky purchase from the Chanel Pop-Up Shop in Covent Garden!

29th July- Bought some new jewellery from Warehouse.

30th July- Showed some support for Team GB with some bunting!

How did you spend your July?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Lovely pics! The first one looks magical :) Xx

  2. Your cupcakes look amazing, I'm sad I didn't make it to the picnic! xx

  3. Oh your cakes were beautiful! I didn't see them on the day but maybe they'd all been eaten by the time I arrived! x x

  4. A month filled with beaches, cupcakes, picnics, Chanel and and the Olympics.. sounds perfect to me!! xxx

  5. Looks like you had a good month :) I went to Tenerife and started my new job!


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