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26.08.2012- Currently Playing: Jessie Ware

In the three and a bit years that I've been writing this blog, I don't think I've ever put together a post solely devoted to music. Well, all that's changed now thanks to the beautiful sound of Jessie Ware- aka my new favourite artist. Since hearing Wildest Moments on the radio almost every time I turned on, I've become well and truly enchanted with Jessie's music, and after buying her debut album Devotion I'm sure I'll be listening to nothing else for the rest of the summer. I love the effortless style of her vocals, beautiful lyrics and the dreamy, relaxed quality of her music:


Pretty perfect, especially on a sunny day like today, don't you think? Not only is her music amazing, but Jessie also has some pretty killer style, so she's definitely one to watch. I'm off to listen to her album for the rest of the day- bliss!

Are you a fan of Jessie Ware? And have you discovered any new music recently?


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