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30.08.2012- Biba and Beyond

One of the things which I love about vintage fashion and cult labels of the past is the sense of personality which permeates the work of a lot of designers. From Mary Quant's game-changing minis to Ossie Clark's flyaway florals, personality fuelled pieces have always been the ones which I have found the most interesting, and I'm always particularly keen to know how the work of a designer evolves from imagination to final creation. With this in mind, I'm really excited to visit the Biba and Beyond exhibition, which opens at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery next month. Biba's founder, Barbara Hulanicki, has long been one of my fashion heroes, and as well as tracing the innovation and influence of the label, the exhibition also features a detailed look at her work. In celebration of the exhibition launch, Barbara recently returned to Brighton to retrace the first footsteps of her fashionable career:

It's so fascinating to hear Barbara's thoughts on how Brighton has changed and her memories of establishing Biba (I also love the fact that she used to skip classes to go to the cinema!) In recent years, she's become well-known to a whole new generation through her work with Topshop and George at ASDA, but it's amazing to get an insight into how her career began and evolved through the establishment of Biba and beyond. I can't way to pay a visit to the exhibition to see some of her creations firsthand.

Biba and Beyond: Barbara Hulanicki opens at the Brighton Museum and Gallery on September 22nd 2012 and continues to April 14th 2013. To find out more and to book tickets, visit the exhibition website.

Are you a fan of Barbara Hulanicki's work? And will you be paying the exhibition a visit?

(Video credit: Visit Brighton on Vimeo.)


  1. I was there last week and they had it all boarded up and wee installing it! I wont be going back for a while now boohoo! would have loved to have seen this. Hope it travels x


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