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04.09.2012- Wonsuponatime...

On Thursday of last week, I was invited along to the Wonsuponatime launch by the lovely Sarah. I've been a fan of her blog for ages, so when she got in touch about a new business venture which she was behind, I jumped at the chance to go and have a peek. Accompanied by Sarah, Michelle and Aisling, we made our way to the venue, which had been transformed into a fairy-tale wonderland for the ocassion:

(Top, from left) Yummy cake, beautifully displayed jewellery, the Wonsuponatime website, rings hidden in roses, business cards and paper hearts, pretty teacups, food galore, cups and saucers, a heaving table!

Wonsuponatime is Sarah's own newly launched jewellery company, offering some of the cutest hand made and hand sourced pieces I've ever seen. Inspired by a love of fairy tales and all things pretty, the pieces are very girly with a beautifully whimsical twist; I particularly love the unicorn earrings, magic key ring and tea party charm bracelet. Each piece is also delivered with a handwritten fairy tale, which I think is a lovely personal touch. It was lovely to see all of the jewellery displayed so beautifully too, set off perfectly by vintage tea cups and saucers from The Teacup Parlour, and it goes without saying that the cakes on offer were delicious! A big thank you to Sarah for the invite!

What do you think of the pieces from Wonsuponatime? And has anything caught your eye?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. this looks like a lovely event, and there are lots of pretty items! x

  2. This looks so nice. You're all so lucky to be invited to places like this. Wonsuponatime looks wonderful x


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