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14.09.2012- Holiday Snaps

Airport waiting- seaside view- plane- my suitcase- first day breakfast- sunglasses and messy hair- iced tea!- fresh raspberries- glasses face!- chicken and salad- a little bit of Henry V- more iced tea!- trip to the supermarket- flower in my hair- holiday accessories- fresh fruit- Topshop travel make up brushes- salmon, broccoli and potatoes- big sunglasses, thank you H&M- sunset- beachwear- reading The Snow Child- hot dogs!- dusk sky- watching Midnight in Paris- getting ready to go out- topknot time!- fishtail plait- vivid sunset- no make up face!- the best chocolate ever invented- crazy cat tee- halo braid and sunglasses- more reading in the shape of The Night Circus and The Odyssey- scrambled egg on toast- lemon ice cream in a lemon!- my face after the beach- Stila eyeshadow- view into the mountains- the noisiest funfair known to man!- she sells sea shells on the sea shore.

So now I've finally finished my holiday outfit posts, I can share some other holiday snaps with you! Whilst I was away I became more than a little bit obsessed with Instagram (sarah_sentiment), so this is just a little compilation of some of the pictures I took. Safe to say there was lots of lovely food, and plenty of reading, as well as lots of glorious sunshine!

Do you take a lot of photos when you go on holiday?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. so many lovely snaps!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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