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23.10.2012- Tim Walker: Story Teller

Regular readers will know that I've been a fan of Tim Walker for a while now, having become increasingly familiar with his beautiful shots for Mulberry's ad campaigns as well as his breathtaking editorial photography. His work is fantastically evocative, unique and creative, and for me he really is one of the most visionary photographers ever. You can only imagine, then, how excited I was when I found out that Tim and his work were to be the subjects of a special exhibition at Somerset House; recently opened, Tim Walker: Story Teller is a wonderful retrospective collection of his photographs, props and artistry, and last Thursday I popped along to see his work come to life firsthand:

Agyness Deyn by Tim Walker, Vogue UK May 2011.

 Alice Gibb in Puck's Hat (2007), David White and his Swan (2010), Clementine Keith-Roach asleep in clamshell (2010), Frida Gustavsson, Mirte Marr and miniature unicorn (2012).

 Laura McCone and Luke Field-Wright as floral figures (2010).

 Sugar crystallized roses and cream (2010).

 Giant prop used in the Malgosia Bella & snails series.

 Wasp playing the double bass from the Uniqlo Undercover campaign.

As you can see, the exhibition is a real treat. Not only is it amazing to see all of the props and set pieces used in so many of Tim's iconic shots in such detail, but as you walk from room to room you get a real sense of his approach to creating such beautiful images. His work is ethereal, fantastical and dream-like, and it's so interesting to learn how some of his signature aesthetic magic is created, both through his approach to composition and narrative as well as his philosophy that there is nothing which is impossible to capture on camera. I'm already saving my pennies for the accompanying book!

Tim Walker: Story Teller runs at Somerset House until January 27th 2013, with free entry. To find out more visit To see more of Tim Walker's work, visit

Are you a fan of Tim Walker? And will you be paying this exhibition a visit?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. hey i love your blog dear! you have great taste :)
    would you please visit mine? would be an honour!
    and im also trying to sell some of my old clothes in order to fund a charity trip to india, could you check it out?
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    lottie xxxx

  2. Oh wow! the swan! and the snail! I wish I was able to pay it all a visit since Tim Walker has always been one of my favourite photographers!
    He´s such a genius and simply adore the fairy tale-like character of his work!
    Thanks so much for your comment which lead me to your blog!


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