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30.10.2012- What I Wore Today #66

This chilly weather really is making it really tricky to know what to wear at the moment, isn't it?! When I say tricky, the primary dilemma which I've found myself faced with since the temperatures plummeted at the end of last week is how to stay warm without lugging my duvet and a hot water bottle around with me! My usual failsafe of jeans and ballet pumps inevitably means getting home with feet which resemble ice blocks, so whilst I'm in the process of investing in some cold weather footwear, I've been rediscovering the warming power of a good pair of tights in lots of different combinations (see my post from yesterday as a prime example!) My outfit from the weekend was one which was ideal for trying to keep as warm as possible:

Jumper- Miss Selfridge
Skirt- Whistles (via ASOS)
Tights- Marks and Spencer
Bag- Zara
Hat- Topshop
Shoes- Topshop

I wore this outfit on Saturday, when I went to see Skyfall in the cinema. Teaming my new skirt from Whistles with a knit seemed like a sensible way to keep warm, but I hadn't counted on it being so windy! Mary Poppins moments aside, I've had this jumper from Miss Selfridge for a few years or so now and it's one of those pieces which I tend to forget about until I find myself rooting through my wardrobe for something warm. The classic colour means it's perfect for teaming with anything, and the embellished pearl collar is a detail which I really love. In my best homage to Bond style, this outfit also featured a slice of From Russia With Love style(!) in the shape of my hat from Topshop- something which I picked up last year and which is the perfect cosy accessory to keep the chilly wind at bay (although I lost count of the number of times it was nearly launched from my head in the blustery weather over the weekend!)

Have you seen Skyfall? If so, what did you think? And which winter pieces are you rediscovering?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. You look lovely :) I LOVE your hat, it's so cute <3 xx

  2. Very pretty, love this outfit x

  3. Ah, I've just realised your 'please do not reproduce without permission' on your photos. Sorry about using your pic on my blog; should've checked first x


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