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01.11.2012- What I Wore Today #68

Although I generally tend to live in jeans and jumpers at this time of the year, sometimes it's nice to have a reason to vary your day-to-day dressing, isn't it? As I mentioned last week, starting a new job means that I have an excellent excuse to experiment with my outfits, and yesterday's combination had a distinctly retro feel:

Trousers- Monki 

Whilst I love wearing jeans, when it comes to trousers I generally find looking for the perfect pair a bit of a nightmare. Whilst the styles which I like may look amazing on the hanger, the reality of trying them on is distinctly different. Given that I'm quite tall, I tend to struggle finding trousers which are a flattering cut and which I'm comfortable in. However, after trying on this pair from Monki a few weeks ago, I was really impressed. I really love the high waist, and the palazzo style seems to work really well with a lot of the pieces I've already got lurking in my wardrobe. This blouse from Warehouse was a savvy sale buy a few Christmases ago and it's definitely a real favourite. Teamed with the trousers I think it captures a hint of 70s style, perfect for cheering up the middle of a distinctly autumnal week!

Are you inspired by any style decade in particular? And do you like to experiment with your wardrobe?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. ooh love the trousers, being a bit short I definitely don't think I could carry them off! xx

    1. loving the 70s vibe! I'm pretty 90s inspired at the moment with lots of checked shirts, boots, trying to channel a grunge look but I like 50s and 60s style too x

  2. Love your look here - tres chic. Check out my blog if you have a chance at

  3. This is gorgeous. Very 70s! Your hair really suits the outfit as well. Nice job. :D

    Lauren x


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