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02.11.2012- What I Wore Today #69

Whilst I'm the first to admit that I hate it when the weather gets colder, one of the things which I do love about the change in seasons is seeing the array of autumnal colours which arrive in the shops as the leaves start to fall. Wearing darker colours day after day isn't the ideal way to combat the winter blues, so I've been keeping an eager eye out for a spectrum of shades which I can work into my wardrobe. With this in mind, my outfit from yesterday featured some classically autumnal colours:

 Blazer- Topshop 
Tee- Topshop 
Jeans- Topshop 
Shoes- Topshop 
Collar- c/o Marks and Spencer 
Bag- Acessorize 

I hadn't realised when I was putting this outfit together that it almost entirely consisted of pieces from Topshop, but their autumn collection seems to have really caught my eye! I saw this jacket a few months ago but was a bit reluctant to buy it as the cut came up a bit too short on me. Low and behold, however, it was recently re- released in the Tall range- the new and improved longer line fit making it the perfect autumn purchase. Yesterday I teamed it with some jeans and my burgundy tee from Topshop, accessorising with the pearl collar from Marks and Spencer just to break up the block colour and add a bit of texture. Perfect for embracing autumn!

Are you dressing to co-ordinate with the seasons?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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