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05.12.2012- What I Wore Today #81

When the weather gets this chilly, it's often really tempting to stick to wearing darker colours both in an attempt to keep warm and to avoid the multitude of dilemmas which dressing for the Great British weather presents. I for one am terribly guilty of tending towards blacks, navy blues and greys during the winter, which was why it was such a breath of fresh air to spend most of last week styling my favourite burgundy pieces as part of the #ebaysocialshopping challenge- the video from which is now live on Youtube. Determined to continue this bold approach to colour for the winter, my outfit from the start of the week featured a very bright recent addition to my wardrobe:

Dress- ASOS 
Tights- Marks and Spencer 
Boots- Topshop 

Not that long ago, I posted about how impressed I've been with ASOS recently, and this dress is another little gem which I found online a few weeks ago. Not only is the cobalt colour the perfect antidote to these dreary winter days, but it's also something which would work really nicely as a summer piece too (optimistic I know!) From a lot of my previous posts, you'll know that this kind of shape is something which I love too- the smock style is something which is really comfortable and easy to wear, whilst nodding to a 60s inspired silhouette. On Monday I teamed the dress with my new Chelsea boots from Topshop, which I think work really nicely to pull the whole look together. Definitely an outfit I'm sure I'll be repeating more than a few times over the coming months!

Have you bought any bright pieces for winter? And what are your staple winter outfits?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.) 


  1. You look so lovely and the colour is gorgeous, especially for these gray short days! X

  2. That color is so strikingly beautiful, and the silhouette is so tricky but you pull it off so well! I actually am recycling last year's sweaters and stuff, so I haven't really done much shopping for winter this time around. Except for a coat and some riding boots!


  3. Such a pretty dress, I love the colour

    lucy xx

  4. Love this...the colour is so pretty! I'm always so jealous of your hair too! Sophie x


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