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11.12.2012- Christmas Gift Guide: Part Two

When it comes to snapping up Christmas presents, there's nothing I love more than theming my gifts. As I mentioned in my last gift guide, I tend to pick up a lot of beauty shaped pieces for my friends, but when it comes to putting together my own wishlist, the majority of the goodies which I find myself coveting have a distinctively fashionable flavour. With this in mind, this post is admittedly less of a gift guide and more a personal lust list, but hopefully you'll find one or two things amongst the pieces I've picked which you love too:

Whilst the Christmas jumper is an undoubted staple at this time of the year, there's also an abundance of really pretty knitwear in the shops at the moment. When this Topshop jumper appeared online last week, I added it to my Christmas list straightaway. Not only is the pale blue shade a lovely wintery alternative to the abundance of reds and greens on the high street, but it also something which I'm sure would prove a real transitional staple and ideal for styling in lots of different ways. I've posted about Olive Clothing a few times before, so when I was pulling together this list I definitely had a few pieces from them in mind. Their accessories are amongst some of my favourites, and this bag in particular really caught my eye. As well as being a classic satchel shape, the blue is a really refreshing change from the dark tan and oak coloured bags which I've already got in my collection, and it's also a perfect match with the jumper (anyone would think I planned this..!) 

Over the years, I've built up a fair collection of fashion books which have been given to me as gifts, but Grace Coddington's memoir has to be one of the titles which I've been most anticipating. Her work at American Vogue has produced some of the most visionary and creative fashion editorials I've ever seen, so the opportunity to get to know Grace a little bit better through reading her story in her own words is one which I'm really looking forward to. As far as novelty gifts go, there's plenty of fashion themed whimsy in the shops and online at the moment, and this A5 notepad from has to be one of my favourites. The prints by Christian Lacroix which feature throughout would also look lovely displayed in a frame, so this is definitely a gift which is real value for money. Speaking of value for money, you'll be hard pushed to beat  the festive bargain on offer at The Outnet this Christmas. This Alexander McQueen card holder is a really practical present, and at such an amazing price you really can't go wrong- especially as the rose gold colour is so timeless. 

When it comes to jewellery, I'm something of a magpie, so when I spied this ring from Whistles I instantly added it to my list. It's a really simple piece, so perfect for accessorising any outfit with, and the fact that the style shares my name is definitely justification enough to hope it's waiting under the tree in a few weeks! I was lucky enough to pick up these Mulberry earrings from Harrods a few months ago, and I think they really are a perfect present- versatile, cute and perfect for someone who loves a little bit of luxury. For me, the most wanted piece on this list has to be this Olivia Burton watch from Belle & Bunty, which I found whilst browsing their website last week. I love the vintage inspired floral design, and think it's a really beautiful, thoughtful present to get for someone special- it probably goes without saying I've already got my eye on a lot of Olivia's other designs too! Having bought my first few Dahlia pieces earlier in the year, I'm now a fully fledged fan, and this blouse has been on my wishlist for ages. Not only do I love the blush pink colour, but the star embellishments add a lovely festive touch. Fingers crossed it's something which I'll be unwrapping on Christmas Day!

Do you like buying and receiving fashion themed gifts? And are you making much progress with your Christmas shopping?
(Image credit: Topshop, Olive, Amazon,, The Outnet, Whistles, Mulberry, Belle & Bunty & Dahlia.)


  1. I love the shirt from Dahila!

    Leanne @ xx

  2. I loved Grace in The September Issue so I'd love to read her memoir too! x

  3. I love those earrings, such a good gift but I need to find a rich boyfriend to buy them for me...

  4. The Mulberry earrings would be very welcome in my Christmas stocking! x

  5. That Olive bag is beautiful and I love the ice blue shade!

    Maria xxx


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