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13.12.2012- What I Wore Today #83

Over recent weeks, I feel like I've been wearing the same pieces (namely jeans and a jumper!) on rotation. With the weather so chilly at the moment, staying cosy definitely takes precedence over being bold with the outfits which I put together, but this approach can get a little bit tedious after a while, particularly if you (like me) tend to prefer sunnier colours and floral prints over chunky knits and dark shades. In an attempt to try and keep things fresh, I've turned to layering to make my day-to-day outfits a little bit more interesting:

 Jumper- COS
Blouse (worn under jumper)- River Island
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- Topshop

This jumper from COS which I picked up at the end of the autumn has to be one of my most worn pieces so far this season. Not only is it really warm, but it works really well with a lot of my existing wardrobe favourites. At the start of the week I teamed it with a relatively new purchase in the shape of a polka dot blouse from River Island, with the collar just visible. As well as adding another element of colour and texture to this outfit, it also (and perhaps most importantly of all!) added another layer of warmth! Finished off with my staple jeans and boots from Topshop, this practical take on winter is one which I'm sure will feature across my wardrobe between now and the arrival of the spring.

Are you using layering to add different elements to your day-to-day wardrobe? And how are your winter wardrobe staples holding up?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Such a good idea this time of year :)

  2. I've never bought from Cos yet, the jumper looks lovely though! I've mostly been living in jeans too xx

  3. I've been wearing a lot of thin jumpers over dresses for extra layers this year intead of cardigans. Love this jumper, nice and plain so you can pair it with anything x

  4. I wore a really similar outfit the other day, great minds eh?! I love wearing jumpers over my dresses with chunky wool tights, I am snug as a bug!

    Maria xxx


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