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30.12.2012- What's In My Makeup Bag- YSL Rouge Volupté

Now we all know that I'm no expert when it comes to makeup but after receiving some lovely beauty bits and pieces for my birthday at the beginning of the month, it seemed like a good idea to share them with you in a blog post or two. There really a few things more iconic in the world of cosmetics than the statement red lip, but finding the right shade can be a very tricky minefield to negotiate. In the past I've mistakenly picked up shades which are either too orange or too blue for my skin tone, resulting in mishaps which have made me look like a blotchy tomato and an extra from Shaun of the Dead respectively. Lessons well and truly learned, I now know to avoid overly orange tones which bring out the redness in my skin and to avoid blue based hues which only emphasise the bags under my eyes. Having cracked this, I've slowly but surely been getting more confident with lip colour, picking up products from Topshop and Rimmel range to experiment with. I'd been eager to test out something more high end for a little while, so when my lovely blogging buddies very generously got me YSL's Rouge Volupté in #17 Red Muse as a birthday present I couldn't wait to try it out: 

It's a truth universally acknowledged that I'm bound to love something at first sight if its packaged beautifully, and this product definitely wins points for sheer decorative appeal. The hard wearing gold case is not only really practical but lends a real classic edge, and it's definitely something which would look at home displayed on any dressing table. Colour wise, this really is an iconic, rich and luxurious red which sits perfectly at the centre of the spectrum. Beautifully balanced, it's also really easy to apply, either straight from the bullet or with a brush for finer precision. The formula is also impressively long wearing, and it's really moisturising too- perfect for avoiding the age old dilemma of dry lips, especially at this time of the year. This is definitely a real beauty staple which I've already stashed safely in my makeup bag and which I know I'll really enjoy wearing more often- particularly after brushing up on Lily's guide to applying your red lipstick flawlessly! 

 Are you a fan of YSL's Rouge Volupté? And which products are your makeup bag essentials? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. it does come beautifully packaged, and looks fab on.. gorge! xx

  2. I love you in this colour! I love wearing lipstick but sometimes it can be hit or miss. I adore the packaging! I agree with you - I'm sold for a package details!!! X


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