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03.01.2013- First Look: Mulberry's SS13 Campaign

Happy New Year everyone! January seems to have arrived with something of a bump, and I'm sure I'm not the only one wishing for a speedy end to the winter. Whilst spring might seem like a long way off yet, I've found the ideal antidote to the January blues in the shape of Mulberry's beautiful SS13 campaign. Shot once again by the amazing Tim Walker and starring stunning model Meghan Collision, this series of shots captures an aquatic theme, featuring watercolour style backdrops, tropical reef inspired oversized coral and a wonderful slice of seaside holiday inspiration:

Meghan Collision, Mulberry SS13 by Tim Walker.
It goes without saying that the bags from the SS13 collection are perhaps some of the most wishlist worthy yet. I also adore the pastel shades, impeccably cut trouser suits and the effortless styling of this collection- definitely something which I'm looking forward to replicating once the warmer weather arrives!

What do you think of Mulberry's SS13 campaign?

(Image credit: Mulberry and Tim Walker.)


  1. ah it's so beautiful isn't it? I love love love the last mint green bag.. xx

  2. I've always loved Meghan - she's so unusual! xxx

  3. Lovely images for spring - a real breath of fresh air. Happy new year Sarah

  4. These bags are beautiful, I love the dreamy pastels!

    Maria xxx


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