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14.01.2013- What I Wore Today #90

Well winter is certainly back with a bite, isn't it? Whether you're ploughing through the snow or keeping warm with copious quantities of tea, I think it's safe to say that spring can't come quickly enough. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to rediscovering my summer wardrobe, and, sad as it might be to admit, I'm already putting together a series of dream warm weather outfits! For now though, it's all about cheering up my wardrobe with some colourful discoveries, and my outfit from the end of last week incorporated a piece which has become a real versatile favourite:

Top- Peter Jensen for People Tree (c/o New Look) 
Jeans- American Apparel 
Shoes- Topshop 

When I was asked if I'd be interested in review a piece from New Look at the end of last year I jumped at the chance. Having not shopped there for a good few months, I was eager to familiarise myself with their new collection, and was really pleasantly surprised to see that they now stock a variety of brands online, as well as their own mainline range. This top by Peter Jensen for People Tree really caught my eye as I love the pattern- and after 2012 being such a brilliant year for Britain it seemed perfectly patriotic. I also really like the shape as it makes a nice change from the more traditional t-shirts which I've got in my wardrobe, and, as part of People Tree's range, of course it's made from 100% organically sourced, fair-trade cotton. On this occasion I chose to team it with perhaps the most comfortable jeans ever invented in the shape of the American Apparel Easy style- definitely worth a repeat purchase I think!

Are you a fan of New Look? And how are you coping with the cold weather?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. That tee is so cute, really unique!

    I just followed you :)
    Would love if you could check out my blog/follow back?

  2. So this is the print I saw on Instagram! So cool! X

  3. Gorgeous top!! I love the pattern!

    LT xxx

  4. Just did a Miranda quote to my eternal shame and shouted 'Such fun' when I saw the print haha x

  5. This top is AMAZING, love the shape of it too!

    Maria xxx


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